Monday, March 7, 2011

A Preliminary Post, or What Pushed Me Over the Edge to Begin Blogging

Hello, as-of-yet nonexistent readers. I'm a little new to this blogging thing, so bear with me as I learn the ropes.

I begin this blog on March 7th, 2011. Why is this date special, you ask? In one week, I will learn of either my acceptance or rejection from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am beginning this blog not only to catalog what happens on and after this date, but to build a literary hobby and to voice my unashamedly geeky opinions.

So, that sums up the intro. More will be posted next week after the decision is reached. Wish me luck, o Internet!

Edit: Wow. Posting on MIT sure drives a lot of people to blogs. This is the most I've ever seen visit a page on it's first day of creation. Thanks everyone. Spread the word; this will be a god-awesome blog, complete with correct spellings and grammar!

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