Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ragequit, or The Reworking of the Blog and It's Content

Earlier this week, I found out about MIT. If you tried to access the site after Monday night, you probably can guess the outcome.
I ragequit this blog, but now it's back, and I now will show you all what I will offer through this blog.
Throughout the week, I will post if something catches my fancy and I must share it.
Mondays will be the Big Update days. This is where I will post important things and video logs (once I get around to them)
Sundays will be D&D and RPG related posts. I run a local D&D 3.5 game and will post about their escapades every other Sunday. On the other Sundays, I will post what I have learned as a DM or interesting articles pertaining to the roleplaying community.

That's all from me right now. Catch you next week! (No more ragequits, I promise)

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