Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back in the Boondocks, or Something Like That....

Well, I'm back from the West Coast, and let me tell you; it's a neat place. Wouldn't want to live there, or anything, but neat nonetheless. Pics after the jump:

 Here are the pics from the trip (in no particular order):
Bass Flute. 'Nuff said.

Quite possibly the best hamburger I've ever eaten at a hot dog joint. Also, the shake contained an entire piece of chocolate cake crumbled up in it. Omnomnomnom.

Not a very waxy version of Iron Man, but in Madame Tussaud's nonetheless. 

So, the Master Chief is in a celebrity wax museum. Further proof that video games are quite awesome.

One of my friends goofing off with Stallone.

Ah, Past-Kirk; you should see Present-Kirk's waistline.

Spot on, if you ask me.

I always knew Zac Efron was a little odd.

Coordinates? On the arm of Angelina Jolie? Hmm...

First view of Hollywood. Thankfully, it didn't trend.

Grand Canyon from ~10,000 feet. I love flying.

Can you see Downtown L.A.? Me neither. Stupid smog.

Literally a half-block from our hotel. I was so tempted to go there and nerd out.

It's views like these that really make me want to travel in the Southwest.
There's my trip, cataloged in as few pictures as possible. I'm still not the best photographer, so I left out a lot of shots. Plus, my camera died without spare batteries on day 3. I'll be signing off for now, so watch for me on Sunday (which means to probably watch for me on the days occurring after Sunday; I still haven't made this a habit...) and see you later!

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