Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'd Like to File a Bug Report on Humanity

Bill Nye, while giving a talk in Waco, Texas, was boo'd and walked out on by several people during his presentation. Why, you may ask? He said the moon reflected the light of the Sun.
 This was considered in direct opposition to the Bible by some. Evidently, Genesis 1:16 mentions that "He created two great lights - one to govern the day and one to govern the night." People began to boo at Bill Nye (whom, I must say, is a childhood hero of mine) and walked out. "We believe in God!" one woman yelled as she removed her children from what I am sure was a great talk.
 This is disheartening and disturbing in many ways. For one, he received a standing ovation from the very same people who walked out on him before he began speaking.
It seems to have come to the point where super-religious people feel they must defend their faith against every argument, including science. Evolution is attacked from every angle. One in five Americans believes believes the Sun revolves around the Earth. Why must people refute empirical and quantifiable data that is shown to them, because a book about morals written two millenia ago seems to state otherwise? I'm not saying people should give up their beliefs, but people should open their minds and learn to look around. That is the best way to solve most of the world's problems.

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