Friday, June 10, 2011

'Spolsions and Stuff: A Movie Review of I Am Number Four (Plus How I Learned to Forgive Micheal Bay A Little.)

I watched I Am Number Four the other day almost against my will. I had heard it described as "Twilight with aliens," so you could probably understand my leeriness. However, I did enjoy the movie, especially since it was not corrupting yet another brilliant fiction character, the alien.

My friend gave me the disc to put in the player, and I hesitated and gave him a skeptical glance. The name MICHEAL BAY was written across it. I have not forgiven Micheal Bay for the atrocity that was Transformers II. (I do realize that was because of the writers' strike, but he still made a mediocre movie from that script.) I almost didn't watch it at that point. I could see it being a vessel for Micheal Bay's explosion fetish. My friend, undeterred, put the disc in and made me watch it. Arms folded and a frown, I sulked on the couch as it began.

My negativity did not last long. It quickly became apparent that this was not a Twilight-clone, and there wasn't an explosion in the first ten minutes. There was hope for this movie still. The movie progressed, and I really enjoyed it. It was quite a well-written story, and was cast very well. Sure, it did focus quite a bit on the love interests of the movie. But the story came first. The aliens, if unoriginal and uncannily humanoid, had a neat back story, and the conflict between the two groups was fascinating and very well choreographed. Also, explosions.

I was surprised at the lack of explosions. There was maybe three big ones, tops, and very few and sporadic smaller ones. Micheal Bay really held back on this movie, and I respect that he can make a good movie without relying on that endless box of TNT he has.

Overall, I give the movie an 8 out of 10, and I almost forgave Micheal Bay for Transformers II. Everybody goes home happy.

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